Shouldn't flowers be local, healthy and farm-fresh, too? 

As locally-sourced foods gain popularity, we sense a greater need for, and interest in, locally cultivated, organically-grown flowers. After all, you're putting them in your home and on your table, and burying your nose in them from time to time.

To help keep home, table and nose replete with the beauty and fragrance of chemical-free flowers, Rathvinden cultivates over 100 species of flowers, all without pesticides or additives, according to organic and permaculture standards. 

Arranging wildflowers

Rathvinden is a farm, home, sanctuary, and experiment, in which we test whether local flowers can be produced commercially with practices that increase the health, beauty, sustainability, and livability of the farm and our community, rather than detract from them.

We grow our flowers on 50 acres of garden and meadow at the base of the Ross Peak, in the Bridger Mountains north of Bozeman.

Sometimes our flowers are not perfect, which makes them perfect. We believe in the beauty of wildness, boldness, complexity, surprise, and vitality.

Farmers market

Currently, our flowers are for sale at Labellum Flowers, 280 W Kagy Ave (406) 551-2251, and directly from the farm.

flowers zinnias